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Printing the Reservation Grid

The reservation grid can be printed out into a report viewer. This allows you to convert any results you have in the reservation grid into a report.

Daily or Weekend Reservation Report

Here's an example on how you can use the reservation report to print out a weekend reservation report.

  1. Go to the Reservation Screen.

  2. Arrival Date – in the search field, add the arrival date for Daily Reservation Report.

  3. Res Status - type comp in the Search field (this will show all completed and incomplete reservations).

  4. Last Name - click on the Last Name Title to sort names alphabetically.

Signed Waiver – ensure that all waivers have been received. If any missing, call the customer, send them a new email with the document and have the customer fill-out the form and return.

  1. Create report – click on Printer Icon at top right hand corner

  2. Click all column selection items you need to display on the report.

  3. Click on the printer to print the report.