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Lot Types

The following will show you how you can override the default lot types defined so they are customized to your campgrounds need.

The lot types are use to organize your lots so they are properly grouped up with the various categories on your campground. Example: Let's say you have three different types of lots on your campground.

  • Pull through
  • Luxury Pull through
  • Tent no service

PitchCamp has seven default lot types that are used to categories it's lots. These lot types can be renamed to match your campgrounds needs by assigning them a New Value.

Opening the Lot Types Panel

To edit the lot types first go to the Lot Panel and then select the Lot Types menu

Overriding Lot Types

Once the lot types panel is opened you can enter your new lot type values in the New Value column beside each existing lot types. This will force PitchCamp to use your new values instead of the default values.

Once the lot types have been saved you will see your new changes in the lot grid. Your clients will also see the new lot types on the client portal when they search for availabilities.


Lot types on the client portal dropdown will only display lot types for the lots that are rentable online. Example: if you only have one lot that's rentable online then you will only see the lot type assigned for that lot on the client portal drop down menu.