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Client Panel

From the client panel you can view, edit, add, search and remove your clients profiles.

Searching and filtering clients

The search boxes located above each columns are used to filter and search which client profiles are displayed on the grid. Multiple search fields can be used to narrow down your results.

Clearing client filters

The filters can be quickly removed by clicking the Clear Filter option form the menu. This will eliminate all filters applied and show all your clients in the grid.

Viewing a client

Double-clicking on a client from the grid opens up a client dialog box where it will display all the client information.

Editing a client

To edit a client double click on the client from the grid. Then modify the client information as needed from the edit client dialog box. Once all your changes have been made save it by clicking the save button located at the bottom left corner of the window.

Adding a client

From the client panel select the Add Client button from the menu. This will open up a dialog box where you will be able to enter your new clients information.

Client form validation

When adding or editing a client the following fields are used to ensure the client is unique and doesn't already exist in your system.

  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Cell Number

When the information entered in the above fields already exist as part of an existing client, you will not be able to save the form and an error message will appear below the fields indicating why.


It's strongly suggested to reuse existing clients when possible.

When presented with an existing client message, you should go back to the client grid, find the existing client using the column search boxes and use that client instead of creating a new client with existing information.


Should you need to enter an (email address, phone number or cell number) pertaining to existing client; you can override the verifications by sliding the Override existing client info located at the bottom of the client dialog window.

Override Existing Client Info

Located at the bottom of the client dialog window. This switch allows you to reuse the following fields values that have already been used by another client in your campground.

  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Cell Number

Although this option allows to reuse existing information it will not let you enter duplicates among the groups.

If presented with a duplicate field message you will need to either remove the duplicates by selecting the X to the right of it. Or edit the duplicates entries.

Email Addresses

Email addresses are used to uniquely identify your clients and also to communicate with them.

A client profile can have multiple emails associated with their account.

Each time an email or newsletter is sent out to a client all the emails entered for a client will be used in the communication.

To add additional emails to a client simply select the plus icon + located below the Email field. This will add a new email address field where you will be able to enter a new email address associated with your client.

To remove an email address associated to your client edit their profile and select the X icon located beside the email.

Gate Access Numbers

Gate access numbers are used to control the vehicle access into your campground.

Paired with the PitchCamp Gate Access Module you can control your front gate access with the assigned gate access numbers given to your clients.

Gate access numbers will only open the gates when under the following conditions.

  • the gate access numbers are added to the Gate Access Panel.
  • the gate access numbers are active.
  • assigned to a client with a valid reservations.
  • access is attempted within the arrival and departure dates of the reservations.

Gate access can be used in two ways.

  1. to control your campgrounds gate access and also track which gate access numbers are assigned to your clients.
  2. or to only track which gate access numbers are assigned to your clients. This is useful when you already have a gate access system but you need to track which client the gate access numbers were given out to.


the Override Existing Client Info will have no affect on gate numbers already assigned/in use by another client. If presented with an error message indicating the gate access number has already been assigned to a client. You will need to either enter a different number or remove that gate access number from the client profile.

You will not be able to use a gate access number that has previously been assigned to an existing client.

Should you need to reuse a gate access number previously assigned to a client you will need to:

  • find the client in the client panel, best way to do this is by searching by gate access number assigned to client column.

  • either double click on the client and remove the gate access number in question. Or perform Remove Gate Access bulk update on the selected rows which will remove any gate access assigned to the clients.

Assigning a Gate Access Number to a Client

Before assigning a gate access number to a client, your gate access numbers must be entered into your system under the Gate Access Panel. Under the gate access panel you will be able to add, edit, remove, activate, deactivate and unassigned gate access numbers.

Once the gate access numbers are entered and Active then the gate access numbers can be assigned to your clients.


If the gate access number being assigned to the client is already in use by another client then a warning message will indicate the reason below the gate access fields.

Client Bulk Updates

Client bulk updates are used to speed up the process of updating multiple clients with the same information.

The following client fields are available for bulk updates.

  • Client Types
  • Geographic (Country, Region, City)
  • Unit Type
  • Unit Slide Outs
  • Unit Year
  • Unit Model
  • Client Since Date
  • Notes
  • Remove gate access

Client Types

There are two kind of client types.

  • Seasonal
  • Non-Seasonal


Client types are useful to identify your types of clients on your campground. Making it easier to send emails, newsletters and identifying your seasonal clients vs non-seasonal clients.

Seasonal Client Types

Seasonal client types are used to indicate the client is camping at your site for the entirety of the campgrounds seasonal dates.

Non-Seasonal Client Types

Also referred to as weekenders/drop-ins, they are clients that are camping at your site for short durations.

Deleting a Client

To delete a client simply double click on the client from the table view and select the delete icon located in the bottom right.


Existing reservations if the client is assigned to an existing reservation then it's impossible to delete it because it's being reference by a reservation.