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Lot Notification Popup

The lot notification popup allows the front desk user to be presented with a message/information that needs to be brought to their attention while working with the selected lot number.


This popup is only for your front desk and not for your online portal where your clients book online.

Once the popup is displayed the user will have the option to continue with the reservation or select a different lot if they need to do so based on the popup notification.

  • If you choose to cancel then you will be returned to the previous panel ei: map etc…
  • If you choose to continue then the reservation process continues as usual.

Workflow Diagram Illustrating When the Popup is Displayed

The notification popup will have three severity states: info, warning, critical. The popup will display those severity accordingly on the popup.

Setting up a Lot Notification

To set up a lot notification popup you need to edit the specific lot and scrolling to that section.

Bulk Updating

There is also an option to allow you to apply the lot popup notification on multiple lots at once.

Go to the lot panel and select the lots from the grid that you would like to update by using the Shift Key + Mouse Click and selecting the rows from the grid.

Then select the Bulk update menu and Lot Popup Notification Status from the drop down menu

You Will then be presented with the same panel as in the lot edit panel where you will be able to enter the values to be applied to the selected lots.


The active check mark controls whether or not to display the popup notification.


Three types of severities exist: Info, Warning and Critical. The severity is used to augment the user's attention to the message based on the severity selected.

Notification Message

The notification message is what will be displayed to the user when the popup is displayed to the user.

Reservation Grid Lot Notification

The lot notification will also be visible from the reservation grid. The lot number will be highlighted according to the severity level and by hovering over it the notification message will pop open.

New Reservation or Reservation Edit Lot Notification

Either when creating a new reservation or editing an existing reservation, if the lot notification is activated then the front desk user will be presented with a popup message according to the setting configured for that lot popup notification.

The same popup will also be displayed when working with the reservation timeline.