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Extra People

The extra people panel is used to manage the cost associated to your extra adults, children's and dogs when a reservation is performed.

Extra people charges can either be tiered or fixed pricing.

The extra people prices are static meaning you cannot add or remove them.

Editing Extra People Entry

To edit an item simply double click on it from the grid. Once the dialog box is opened you will be able to change the attributes.

High Water Mark

The high water mark is used to determine when to start charging for the extra peoples.


  • Let say that the extra children high water mark is set to 4.
  • Then this would mean that any extra children added to the reservation over 4 would be charged based on the price type selected.

Price Types

The price type controls the pricing structure used.

There are two types of pricing structures:

  • Fixed Pricing: creates an add-on with a fixed price amount. When using fixed pricing the add-on amount will only be charged once regardless the number of rental nights the reservation is for.

  • Tier Pricing: is used to create an add-on based on the following four tiers.

    • Nightly this is the price associated to a 1 night reservation.
    • Weekly rates are based on a 7 nights reservation.
    • Monthly rates are based on a 28 nights reservation.
    • Seasonal rates are used to calculate the camping rates for the entire seasonal period. The seasonal period of your campground are defined in the campground parameters

If a extra people rate tier is left empty or zero then the camping rate tier for that entry will be skipped when performing the calculation.