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Online Campground Settings

The online settings area controls the look and feel of your online client portal and also give you access to your online client portal URL and key features such as turning your online reservations on or off.

Accessing the Online Campground Settings

  • Open up you navigational menu and expand the Admin menu.
  • Then select Campground Settings.
  • And click on the Online Campground Settings tab.

    online campground settings

Online Reservation Control

The online reservation Off & On Switch located at the top of the panel allows you to turn your online reservation portal off or on. When the switch is in the off position your online reservation portal will display a message to your clients that the system is currently not taking any online reservations.

Background Image Upload

The image upload button allows you to control which image you would like to display in the Hero section of the client portal. Once an image is uploaded you will see a preview of what this image will look like with your campground name and slogan in the preview area.

Youtube Video

The Youtube text field allows you to use a video instead of having the uploaded image displayed. To add a Youtube video first start by finding it and copying the video id located at the end of the URL.

Example: where iWWyiqD13UQ would be the video id you would copy into the text field.

!!! Note: When a Youtube video ID exists in this field the video will take precedence over the uploaded background image. In order to have the background image display instead of the video simply delete the Youtube video id from the text field and the background image will be used.

Youtube Video Start Position

The start position determines in seconds at what position in time will the video start playing at.

This is the URL to your online reservation portal. This is what you will use to link your website with your online booking portal.


If you click on the Icon located to the right of the meta link a new window will open directly to the portal page.

Campground Slogan

Your campground slogan is what is displayed below your campground name over the Hero section of your online portal.

A General Message (Blue Box)

The general section text box allows you to add a message that will appear at the top of your online client. This blue box will appear only if you've added text in this text field. If you would like to hide the blue general text message simply remove any text and the text box and it won't be displayed to your clients.

A Warning Message (Yellow Box)

The warning message is the same as the general message area (Blue Box) except that it will be displayed in a warning orange message box.

Cancellation Policy

An area that allows you to enter your cancellation policy. Your online clients will be able to read your policies before they check out.

Refund Policy

An area that allows you to enter your refund policy. Your online clients will be able to read your policies before they check out.