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The Till allows you to have a list of virtual/physical cash registers that will be used to track the amount of cash that should be in your till at the end of your shift.

The till will track sales and refunds that have been performed for your reservations and POS transactions.

till image

The till menu can be found on the main application toolbar beside the notification.

till menu

How Do Till's Work

The ideal behind a till is to ensure you have a way of balancing your cash flow at the end of your shift.

Typical Till Workflow

  • Log into PitchCamp.
  • Select the till associated to your cash register.
  • Enter the starting till's float amount.
  • Perform sales and returns from either the POS or your reservations.
  • At the end of your shift perform an end of shift that will tally up the amount of cash you should have in your cash register.

till workflow

Till Menu

The till menu is multi purpose as it will allow you to select additional till actions from the dropdown and also indicate if the logged in user has a till assigned.

  • When the logged in user doesn't have a till assigned the till menu will:

    • Have red fonts.

      till in use

  • When the logged in user does have a till assigned the till menu will:

    • Have green fonts.
    • Have the till name displayed beside it.

      till not in use