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Receipt Disclaimer Panel

Receipt disclaimer is the area on your receipt where you specify your rules, regulations and or a thank your note to your clients.

Receipt disclaimer can also contains URL links to other websites or documents online.

Receipt disclaimers are attached to your Base Rates. You can have several receipt disclaimers, one for each base rates or you can have a single disclaimer for all your rates. The choice is up to you!.

Receipt Disclaimer naming convention

The receipt disclaimer naming convention is what you will use to reference the disclaimer by, when associating them to your base rates.

The name you choose should be descriptive enough so you can easily identify the disclaimer easily.

Here are some recommendations on receipt disclaimer naming conventions:

  • Seasonal Disclaimer
  • Weekender Disclaimer
  • Chalet Disclaimer

Searching and Filtering Receipt Disclaimer

The search boxes located above each columns are used to filter and search the information on the grid. Multiple search fields can be used to narrow down your results.

Clearing Filters

The filters can be quickly removed by clicking the Clear Filter option form the menu located above the grid. This will eliminate all filters applied and display all your receipt disclaimers on the grid.

Viewing a Receipt Disclaimer

Double-clicking on a row from the grid opens up a dialog box where all the information pertaining to the disclaimer can be viewed.

Editing a Receipt Disclaimer

To edit a receipt disclaimer double click on the row from the grid. Once all your changes have been made save it by clicking the save button located at the bottom left corner of the window.

Adding a Receipt Disclaimer

From the receipt disclaimer panel select the New Receipt Disclaimer button from the menu. This will open up a dialog box where you will be able to enter your new receipt disclaimer.

Assigning a Receipt Disclaimer to a Base Rate

Receipt disclaimer are assigned to base rates using one of the following two methods.

From the Receipt Disclaimer panel:

From the receipt disclaimer panel edit or create a new disclaimer and check off the base rates from the Assigned to Base Price option.


If the selected base rates were previously assigned to another disclaimer then once it's saved it will be disassociation from all other rates and exclusively linked to the current disclaimer.

From the Base Price panel

Edit or create a new base price and select the Receipt Disclaimer drop down option. This panel allows you to do a one-to-one association. If you need to assign the receipt disclaimer to multiple base rate then either edit the base rates individually. Or make the changes from the receipt disclaimer panel where it can be associated to multiple base rates simultaneously.

Receipt Disclaimer Editor

The disclaimer editor allows you to perform basic text formatting on the displayed disclaimer. URL links can also be included. URL links are useful when the receipt is emailed to your clients. URLs can be any valid links on the Internet.


  • Webpages
  • Documents online
  • Facebook/social media links

Deleting a Receipt Disclaimer

To delete a receipt disclaimer simply double click on the row from the grid and select the delete icon located in the bottom right.


If the receipt disclaimer is assigned to a base rate then all associations to the rates will be automatically removed and the base rate won't contain any receipt disclaimer.

Receipt Disclaimer Example:

The following is an example of a Seasonal Disclaimer that can be used for your seasonal clients.

Your non refundable deposit of [AMOUNT] is due by [DATE] and the remaining balance is due by [DATE].

A Copy of your insurance is also required upon agreement of this contract.

I agree to rent this site for the season and acknowledge receipt of a copy of the campground rules and regulations as well as the golf cart rules. Which can also be found online [URL_LINK] I also agree that everyone on this site shall comply with them. By signing this disclaimer I am aware that the use of all facilities, services, lakes, pools, spas are at my and my families own risk, the campground will not be held responsible for any accidents incurred to him/her, or family or visitors.