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Import Reservations into Google Calendars

Importing reservations into Google Calendar is straightforward and beneficial for viewing your schedule or sharing it with others. This process focuses on consolidating reservations specifically from PitchCamp, ensuring they are visible in Google Calendar.

It differs from exporting and importing the OTA Booking Calendar for a specific lot, as this action combines all reservations, including blocked and OTA Booking Calendar events from platforms like Airbnb, into a single calendar view. This ensures comprehensive visibility of all reservations across different sources.

Copying the Export URL

To import reservations into Google Calendar, follow these steps:

  • Go to Admin from the main menu then Campground Settings.
  • From the Campground Settings screen, click on the Online Campground Settings tab.
  • Click on the Copy button beside the Booking Calendar Sync OTA - Export URL field. This will copy the URL to your clipboard.


Importing into Google Calendar

  • Open your Google Calendar in your browser.
  • Click on the + icon beside Other calendars and select From URL.


  • Paste the URL you copied from PitchCamp into the From URL field.

  • Click on the Add Calendar button.


  • Your reservations will now be imported into Google Calendar. You'll need to click the back arrow to view the calendar.


Viewing the PitchCamp Calendar

  • You should now see the PitchCamp calendar in your Google Calendar.


  • You can rename the calendar by clicking on the three dots beside the calendar name and selecting Settings.


  • In the Settings screen, you can change the calendar name.


Note: to change the calendar color simply click on the three dots beside the calendar name and select a new color.