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Subscriptions are the various levels of services offered by PitchCamp that control which features you have access to based on the subscriptions plan.

Once in a subscription you are allowed to switch between any reoccurring paid plans.

All upgrades and downgrades are prorated meaning you will only pay for the time you have spent in a plan. Once you upgrade or downgrade you will either be credited or charged the difference for the time spent in a billing cycle.

If upgrading from the Free plan to a Paid plan (Standard or Premium) you will not be able to downgrade to the Free plan until a one month billing period has passed.

Terms and Conditions

Subscription Plans

Currently there are three types of subscriptions plans that exists.

  • Free
  • Standard
  • Premium

In any subscription plan PitchCamp allows you to pass on a fee to your clients to differ the cost of the subscription. The fee can be a fixed dollar amount and or a percentage amount per reservation.


New Sign Ups

On your first login you will be brought to the Subscription page where you will need to choose one of the available plans in order to start using PitchCamp.

  • Once a subscription has been selected a payment card will be needed to complete the transaction. This payment card is what will be used to maintain your subscription with PitchCamp

  • Once your payment information has been entered and validated you will immediately have access to PitchCamp with the subscription level selected.


  • Once the subscription registration is done you will need to link your PitchCamp setup with Stripe so you can start taking online bookings.


    Without the Stripe onboarding process your clients will not be able to make any online reservations or payments until it's completed.

  • Click here to follow the Stripe Onboarding process