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About PitchCamp

PitchCamp was originally created ten years ago for the sole purpose of organizing the booking and reservation aspect for Cedar Shade Campground as an alternative to free online solutions and or paid solutions such as (Campground booking, Easy Campground, Let's Camp, GuestTracker, Astra Campground Manager, RV Park & Campground Management Software, Campground Manager, LetsBonfire and Open Campground)

At the time when the application was originally created web base technology wasn't mature enough to create the kind of UI feature rich applications that was required for campgrounds.

Originally the application was written only for Windows base application and still today the same Windows base application is fully supported and used.

However, a lot of technological changes has happened in the last ten years. And the web framework has mature and is now surpassing Windows base applications.

I'm creating PitchCamp so other campgrounds can also benefits from my proven and tested software for free. Join the team and sign up for my newsletters to stay up to date with my recent development and early access.