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Release notes

Release Cycle

Alpha Development (May 1st, 2019 - June 1st, 2020 )

  • The official development of PitchCamp started on May 1st, 2019 and expecting to have the first version ready by June 1st 2020.
  • Development work completed: | #### 40% 😍 |

Betta Testing (June 1st, 2020 - February 1st, 2021)

  • Not started


Alpha 0.5 November 2019

  • Reservation View
    • Reworking the reservation view. Making the reservation viewing panel cleaner faster and dynamic. So that when on the reservation viewing panel you have access to all of the reservation elements at a glance.

Alpha 0.5 October 2019

  • Date Brownout

    • Added the ability to add brownouts dates to the online calendar. Brownout dates are used to block off a range of dates from your online calendar.
    • A new state was added to the brownout dates allowing you to make them active or inactive.
  • Receipt Disclaimer

    • The ability to add multiple receipt disclaimer to your clients receipt.
    • The disclaimer can be easily associated to any of your campgrounds base price.
    • The disclaimer text editor has a rich interface allowing you to add common text formatting and URL links.
  • Extra People Pricing

    • The extra people pricing panel has been added.
    • This allows you to control the high water mark breakpoint. (When should charges be applied for extra people or dogs)
    • The pricing structure (Tiered or Fixed pricing).
    • And the amounts charged for your extra adults, children's and dogs.
  • Reservation Add-on

    • Reservations add-ons can now be attached to reservations.
    • Add-ons have either a fixed base pricing or a tiered base pricing.
    • Add-ons can be active to in-active.
    • The ability to make add-ons available to the online reservation funnel.
    • Pictures can now be added to the add-on items. Pictures are used by the online reservation funnels.
  • Taxes

    • The new tax panel allows the users to add edit and delete tax items.
    • Tax items can be active or de-activated.
  • Base Rates

    • Added the ability to add, edit and delete base rates associated to a lot.
    • Min Night Rental added to base rates controlling the availability of a lot based on the number of nights of the reservation.
    • Added base rate tier (Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Seasonal) to control the price denomination of a lot based on the number of nights of a reservation.
    • Added the ability of controlling which rate tiers are used in the final calculation.
  • Schedule Rates

    • Added the ability of creating scheduled rates on top of base rates that only gets invoked when the reservation start date is between the dates listed in the scheduled rates. Schedule rates only gets used if the reservation arrival date falls between the scheduled camping rate start and end dates. Otherwise the base rates will be used.

Alpha 0.4 September 2019

  • Gate Access Panel
    • New gate access panel to manage the gate numbers associated to the clients.
    • Capabilities added:
      • Add a new gate access number
      • Edit the settings of a created access number
      • Delete a gate access number if not assigned to any client
      • Color field added to visually group gate access
      • The ability to control the state of a gate access number by either setting them to (Active or Not Active)
      • Bulk updates capabilities on the following:
        • Color
        • State
        • Un-assign a number from a client
  • Client Panel
    • Displaying, updating, adding and deleting client information.
    • The ability to add multiple phone numbers,cell numbers, email address and gate access numbers to a single client.
    • Gate access number validation to prevent the use of gate numbers not registered on your campground.
    • Perform bulk updates on numerous clients on the following fields:
      • Client Types
      • Geographic (Country, Region, City)
      • Unit Type
      • Unit Slide Outs
      • Unit Year
      • Unit Model
      • Client Since Date
      • Notes
      • Remove gate access
    • Field validation to ensure it doesn't already exist among other clients. Validation done on the following fields:
      • Email Address
      • Phone Number
      • Cell Number
    • Added a switch to override existing client information allowing the user to save/add when presented with existing field validation warnings.
    • Added email masking validation to eliminate invalid email formats.
    • Enhanced the client grid columns to clearly display fields having multiple values such as, Phone Number, Cell Numbers, Email Addresses and Gate Access Numbers
    • Display the number of days/years the client has been registered on your campground.
    • Added the ability to select the clients registered/creation date.
    • Added additional encryption on client notes to better safeguard it.

Alpha 0.3 August 2019

  • Map editor

    • Displaying map markers
    • Positioning and saving the map markers
    • Changing the color, font size and marker orientation
  • Lot grid

    • Deleting and performing bulk updates on multiple lot items

Alpha 0.2 June 2019

  • Lot grid
    • Listing
    • Filtering
    • Adding and editing lots

Alpha 0.1 May 2019

  • Reservation grid completed [Listing, filtering performing bulk changes on reservation states] completed