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Release notes


Version 2.5.3 February 2024

  • Google Analytics Tracking

    The online booking page has been enhanced to include Google Analytics tracking, providing you with valuable insights into your page traffic and client interactions. With this feature, you can monitor the number of visitors to your online booking page, track reservation activity, and gain valuable insights into the popularity of your listings. Additionally, Google Analytics will provide valuable information on cart abandonment, allowing you to refine and optimize your booking experience for enhanced performance.

    Read more about the new feature here

    PitchCamp google analytics events

Version 2.5.2 January 2024

  • Google Login from Booking Page

    The online booking page now supports Google login. This will allow your clients to login to the online booking page using their Google account. This will make it easier for your clients to login to the online booking page and make reservations and access their account information.


  • Booking Page Login Button

    A new login button has been added to the online booking invoice. This will allow your clients to login to the online booking page from the invoice. If the User Online Account email is linked to their email then a login button will appear on the invoice.

    This is useful if you want to send your clients an invoice and allow them to login to the online booking page from the invoice quickly.


  • Timeline Reservation Controls

    New controls have been added to the calendar timeline popups, giving you the ability to cancel, check in or out, add payments/refunds, and verify emails for a given reservation.

    This provides a quick and efficient way to update your reservations directly from the calendar timeline.


Version 2.5.1 December 2023

  • New Online Booking Listing Look

    The online booking listings have been updated to a new look and feel. The new look and feel will allow your clients to easily see your listings that are available for online bookings.

    The new design is simpler and cleaner and allows your clients to open up a detail view of the listing by selecting the Read More button. This will open up the dedicated booking page for that listing where your clients can view more details about the listing and also book it.


  • New Email Tag for Online Email Address

    A new email tag has been added that allows you to include the online email address in your email templates. This tag will be replaced with the Online Email Address when the email is sent. This is the email address used by your clients to login to the online booking portal.

    online account email address

  • New Booking Page URL Builder

    The new booking page URL builder allows you to build a custom URL that will open up the online booking page with the selected filters. This is useful if you want to link to a specific lot number or a specific date range. The URL builder will allow you to build the URL and then open up the URL to try it out. You can then use the URL to link to your online booking page from your website or from your social media pages.

    • Date Range: allows you to specify the date range that will be used when the booking page is opened. This will allow you to link to a specific date range. The date range will be displayed in the date picker when the booking page is opened. If the date range is not available then the date picker will default to the next available dates range based on your seasonal dates and or schedule lots.
    • Auto Load Next Available Dates: allows you to specify if the booking page should automatically load the next available date range based on your online calendar availability. This is useful if you want your booking page to auto load the next available date range.
    • Lot Number: allows you to specify the lot number that will be used when the booking page is opened. This will allow you to link to a specific lot number. When the lot number is specified the booking page for that lot will open at the specified date range or the next available dates based on your seasonal dates and or schedule lots. This is useful if you want to link to a specific lot from your website or from your social media pages.

    booking page url builder

  • New Lot Amenities

    A new lot amenities feature has been added which allows you to add amenities that can be viewed by your clients. This feature is useful for campgrounds that want to advertise amenities that are available on the campground or for that specific listing.

    Amenities will be visible on the dedicated booking page for your listing.

    edit lot amenities

  • New Dedicated Booking Page

    A new dedicated booking page has been added for lots that are available for online bookings. This page will allow you to link to a specific lot from your website. This URL can also be used to link to your individual listings from your website or from your social media pages. The dedicated booking page will display the lot details, lot images, lot amenities, lot availability, the map of where it's located on your campground and the ability to book that specific lot.

    dedicated listing page

  • Open Dedicated Booking Page

    A new button was added to the lot grid view that allows you to open the dedicated booking page for the selected lot. This will allow you to quickly preview the online booking page.

    Note: the dedicated listing page url can also be used to link a lot from your website to the dedicated listing page.

    open dedicated booking page

Version 2.4.12 November 2023

  • Cancelled Reservation Invoice

    Changes have been made to the invoice when a reservation is cancelled. The invoice will now display a cancelled banner at the top of the invoice. The invoice will also display the total refund amount. The refund amount will be displayed as a negative amount.

    cancelled reservation invoice

Version 2.4.11 November 2023

  • Online Lot Availability

    Online lot availability provides control over the visibility of your lots on the online booking page. By default, lots are available based on your seasonal dates. However, this feature allows you to extend availability beyond these dates or even year-round.

    This is particularly beneficial for lots available for short periods outside the seasonal dates, or those available throughout the year.

    Please note, this feature only affects the online booking page. It does not limit lot availability within the admin reservation system.

    Read more about the new feature here

    new online lot availability

Version 2.4.9 September 2023

  • Blocked Reservations

    Blocked reservations allow you to block out a specific lot for a specific date range. This feature is useful for campgrounds that want to block out a lot for a specific event or for maintenance. Blocked reservations can be created from the timeline.

    Read more about the new Blocked Reservations here

    new blocked reservation

Version 2.4.5 to 2.4.8 August 2023

  • Meter Readings are Now Available in the Online Booking Portal

    The online booking portal currently presents the meter readings associated with each reservation. This feature enables clients to conveniently access the up-to-date meter readings recorded for their respective reservations. This functionality holds particular significance for campgrounds implementing charges based on electricity, water, or gas usage. Furthermore, the recorded meter readings will be visible on the corresponding invoices, ensuring comprehensive transparency.

    map print

Version 2.4.4 June 2023

  • Print Map

    With the new Print Map feature, you can now easily generate printouts of your campground map, including any map pins that are currently displayed. This means you have the flexibility to choose whether to include the map pins or not, depending on your specific needs.

    This feature is an excellent tool for quickly providing your clients with a physical copy of the map, enabling them to easily navigate the campground and explore its various amenities. Additionally, by including the map pins on the printout, you can showcase the availabilities and highlight specific areas of interest to your clients, ensuring they have all the necessary information at their fingertips.

    map print

Version 2.4.3 June 2023

  • Online Checkout Waiver Exclusively available for Premium Subscription Members.

    The Online Checkout Waiver will enhance the online reservation process. You can now add a personalized waiver that clients must accept before completing their online reservations. The waiver is signed with the client's name, accompanied by the date and time, and is emailed to them while also being attached to their reservation. You have control over enabling or disabling the waiver, previewing its appearance, customizing the title and body, and ensuring a seamless user experience.


    Read more about the new Online Checkout Waiver here

Version 2.4.0 June 2023

  • Campground Events A new campground events feature has been added which allows you to create events that can be viewed by your clients. This feature is useful for campgrounds that want to advertise events that are happening at the campground. You can also link to the event page from your website. Additionally, you can advertise your events on your booking page so your clients can see what events are happening during their stay.


    This new feature is only available to PitchCamp users that have the premium subscription package.

    Read more about the new Campground Event feature here

    open_event new_event_pages

  • New Columns Added in Product and Services Item Sale Report

    Two new columns have been incorporated into the "Product and Services Item Sale Summary" report to enhance its functionality. The addition of these columns aims to provide you with improved visibility and ease of tracking for your sales data. The newly added columns are as follows:

    1. Reservation ID: This column displays the unique identification number assigned to each reservation. It enables you to quickly identify the specific reservation associated with the products and services/add-ons that were charged.

    2. Lot Number: The lot number column signifies the assigned number or identifier for a particular lot. It allows you to conveniently track and associate the products and services/add-ons with their corresponding lot numbers.

    By including these two new columns in the report, you gain a clearer understanding of which reservations and lot numbers are connected to the sales of your products and services/add-ons. This enhancement streamlines your sales analysis process and facilitates better organization and management of your business operations.


Version 2.3.2 May 2023

  • Stay Rate Overview

  • Accurate Schedule Rate Billing

    • Schedule rate billing has been optimized to accurately use a schedule rate when a reservation spans between a base rate and a schedule rate. This optimization ensures that customers are billed the correct amount for their reservations, based on the scheduled rates that have been set up in the system.

    • Example: Imagine a calendar where each day is labeled with a different price. In the past, if a customer's reservation overlapped with a period where a scheduled rate was in effect, the system would only apply that rate if their arrival date was within the scheduled rate's start and end dates.


    • Now, with the optimization of schedule rate billing, the system will dynamically apply the appropriate rate for each day of the customer's reservation. This means that even if the reservation spans across multiple rates, the system will accurately calculate the total cost based on the rules that have been set up. This ensures that customers are billed the correct amount for their reservations, giving them a better booking experience.

Version 2.2.0 - 2.3.0 April 2023

  • Meter Readings

    • The new meter reading feature will allow the campground to take in manual meter readings to calculate the consumption of the electricity, water or gas meters.

    • There is also a bulk meter reading feature allowing your campground to enter multiple meter readings from an excel like grid. This is useful when you have many meter readings to enter at once.

    • Read more about Meter Readings here

      Bulk meter reading

  • Meter Reading Invoice

    • The meter readings will now appear on the reservation invoice making it easy to bill and send their receipts.

    Meter reading invoice

  • Online Deposit Amount

    • A new feature has been added that allows you to control the percentage charged for the online booking deposits. Now you'll have the choice of controlling how much deposit you collect from your online reservations.
    • This feature will help you reduce charges made by the online payment gateway (Stripe) when taking online bookings.

    online deposit amount

  • Online Payments

    • A new feature has been added that allows you to control if your online clients can pay for outstanding balances online. This allows you to deactivate online payments from the client portal. Previously this feature was always on.

    online payments

  • New Cancellation Rule #N

    • A new cancellation rule policy has been added that allows you to specify the number of nights to charge as the cancellation fee.
    • #N stands for Number of Nights.
    • As displayed in the image below this allows you to create new cancellation logic based on your needs.

    Cancellation rule

  • Lot Electricity Types (15amps, 30amps and 50amps)

    • A new lot field was added that now indicates the lot amperage. This information will be visible on the online booking page so your clients have additional information on your lots when reserving online.

      Lot amps online Lot amps

    • You will need to update your lots to reflect the appropriate amperage type. The default will be set to 15amps

      • Updating your Lots:
        • Go to the Lot panel.
        • Select the lots you wish to update from the grid.
        • Click on the Bulk Update menu.
        • Select Utilities from the dropdown menu.
        • Set the Amps to either 30A or 50A.
        • And Save.
  • Show unavailable Results

    • The show unavailable results switch is now turn off by default when your clients are searching for available lots online.

    Show unavailable results

  • New Map Pin Colors

    • A new color slider was added to the map pin color area allowing you to select additional colors for the map pins.

    Map pin colors

  • New Map Marker Directions

    • Four new marker directions were added. This allows you to further control the direction of your map markers to better fit your map schema.
      • Top Left
      • Top Right
      • Bottom Left
      • Bottom Right

    Map pin colors

  • New Lot Filters

    • Additional lot filters have been added to the lot panel allowing you to perform advance filtering.

      • By Lot Number using comma delimited list, wild cards and range.
        • Example: 1,3 would filter in lot number 1 and lot number 3.
        • Example: d-* would filter in any lot starting with d-?.
        • Example: 1 - 10 would filter in all lots between the two number.
      • By Lot Type, this allows you to specify multiple lot types to filter.
      • By Assigned Meters, allows you to filter by the assigned meter name(s).
      • By Rate Name, allows you to filter by the assigned rate name(s).

    New Lot Filters

  • Reservation Print Grid Improvements

    • The reservation print grid windows has been improved.

      • Download CSV and PDF buttons are now separated. Previously the download button would download both PDF and CSV files.
      • All rows are now visible. Previously the print grid window would only display the first 100 rows.

    Res print grid improvements

  • New Feature Privileges

    There's a new tab added to the User Account called Feature Privileges. The new privileges allows you to give or remove access to specific features throughout the application for your users.

    Currently there are only three privileges. In future releases additional privileges will be added.

    Here are the new privileges which have been added to control meter reading access when in a reservation.

    • Add Meter Reading
      • Allows a user to add a meter reading when in a reservation.
    • Edit Meter Reading
      • Allows a user to edit existing meter reading when in a reservation.
    • Override Meter Reading Total
      • Allows a user to override the meter reading total when in a reservation.

    Note: the existing privileges have been renamed to Menu Privileges. These privileges allows you to give specific menu access to your users. The difference between the Menu Privileges and the Feature Privileges being the menu will give access to the panels. And the Feature Privileges will control specific parts inside of those panels.

    User feature privileges

Version 2.1.0 January 2023

  • New Reservation Invoice Notes

    • The new reservation invoice note feature is simple and easy to use, and it helps to keep track of important details associated with your reservations. It is also useful for providing additional information to your clients on their invoices. This feature is a great way to make sure that all of the necessary information is included with each reservation and that your clients can see it.

      Invoice notes

    • The reservation invoice notes will also be included in the emailed copy of the invoice. Invoice notes email

  • Total Fields Auto Calculation

    • The way the total fields in the reservation are auto calculated have changed. Previously when you would enter a new value in the total fields a countdown timer would appear letting you know when the field would be submitted for recalculation.

      Total field auto calculate

    • Now the total fields will only recalculate the new total once you've exited the text field or when the enter key is pressed.

      Total field calculated on exit or enter

  • Product Services Dates

    • The product and service date the product was added to a reservation is now being displayed on the clients copy of the receipt.

      Product services receipt data

  • Sell Addons from the Client Booking Portal

    • You can now start prompting your online users to add additional products and services/addons to their reservations. These are the same products and services that you have configured in your Product panel.

      Client portal addons

    • Note in order to start selling your products and services online you will need to enable the Available Online switch for your products you wish to make available online.

      Setting Products to be sold online

  • Client Booking Portal

    • Several enhancements were done to the client booking portal in order to improve the workflow of a client.
    • The unit length and occupants section have been removed from the search bar and moved to the add reservation dialog.

      • Before

        Client Side Searching Change

      • Now

        Client Side Searching Change New

      • When an RV or Tent is selected to be added to the cart a dialog will open up asking them to enter the details about the number of occupants, unit length, type and slide outs.

      • Any other lot types example cabins the user will only be prompted to enter the number of participants.

        add to chart dialog

    • Users now have the ability to show results that are unavailable.

    • Unavailable map pins will display when the Show unavailable results switch is turned on.
    • The Map and List view are now in a tabulated format. The List view has been renamed to Calendar View as the calendar view is now imbedded into the list.
    • Two new chips have been added to identify the number of Available and Unavailable lots based on the dates selected.

      Client Side Booking Changes

  • Client Booking Timeline

    • This feature will allow your clients to book their camping trip with just a few clicks. I know how important it is for all of your customers to be able to book their camping trips as quickly and easily as possible. With the timeline feature your clients will be able to view your availabilities without them needing to call you. client booking timeline
  • Admin Timeline Sorting

    • A fix for an issue where the timeline was not sorting properly by Lot ID. The issue was caused by a bug in the sorting logic, which has now been fixed. You should now find that timeline is sorting properly by Lot ID, allowing you to easily find your lots.
    • Before

      timeline sorting fix2

    • Now

      timeline sorting fix1

Version 2.0.0 December 2022

  • Subscription Plans

    • PitchCamp now offers several subscription plans for its new sign ups to choose from.
    • Once in a subscription a users is free to switch plans based on their preferences.
    • All upgrades and downgrades are prorated meaning you will only pay for the time you have spend in a plan. Once you upgrade or downgrade you will either be credited or charged the difference for the time spent in a billing cycle.
    • Read more about Subscriptions here subscription
  • Existing Clients

    • All existing clients will be grandfathered into the Premium Plan completely free of charge with their existing terms of agreement.
      • New clients will be offered the Premium Plan at the current rate.
    • All grandfathered in plans will continue to exists until further notice or unless it is terminated by the customer. grandfathered in subscriptions

Version 1.19.1 November 2022

  • POS

  • POS Items / Reservations Add-Ons Items

    • The POS items which are the same items being used for the reservations add-ons now displays the images.
    • Read more about it here.

      new pos item

  • Product Grid Images

    • The product grid now displays the images in the grid.

      new pos grid images

  • Lot Grid Images

    • The lot grid now displays the images in the grid. If you hover over the images in the grid you will see a larger preview.

      new lot grid images

  • Till

    • The Till allows you to have a list of virtual/physical cash registers that will be used to track the amount of cash that should be in your till at the end of your shift.

      till assigned to you

    • The till will track sales and refunds that have been performed for your reservations and POS transactions.

    • Read more about it here.

      till menu

  • New Grid View and Calendar View Tabs

    • We added a tab at the top of the reservations that allows you to easily toggle between the reservation grid and the calendar view.

      grid calendar tab

  • New Column in Reservation Grid

    • The lot type column was added to the reservations grid.

      lot type in res grid

  • Auto Populate Fields

    • A text search has been added to the auto populate field to make it easier to find what your looking for.
    • The following new auto populate fields have been added.
      • {insurance_name}
      • {insurance_policy_number}
      • {insurance_expiry_date}
      • {vehicle_make}
      • {vehicle_year}
      • {vehicle_model}
      • {vehicle_license_plate}
      • {client_address}
      • {client_country}
      • {client_city}
      • {client_province}
      • {client_postal_code}

    new auto populate fields

Version 1.18.1 August 2022

  • Build Number Changes

    • The build numbers versioning has changed slightly. from 1.0.18 to 1.18.0
    • [Major Release].[Minor Release].[Patch Release]
      • Major Release: indicates a major change or new big feature(s).
      • Minor Release: indicates not much has changed other than changes to existing features or new smaller features added.
      • Patch Release: indicates no new features added, only some changes to correct/fix existing functionality.
  • How to tell which PitchCamp version you are running

    • Starting this release you will see a version badge on the login screen. The version badge indicates which system you are on and the version of PitchCamp.

      • Example: Production: v1.18.1
        • The first part indicates if you are using the production version of the system or the staging/demo version of the system.
        • The second part is the PitchCamp application version.
    • The version number will now be displayed on the login screen.

    • You can also verify the version by clicking on your profile icon located in the top right of PitchCamp.

  • Manual Chrome Refresh

    • This will be the last time you need to do a manual refresh on your Chrome Browser after an update.
    • On the next PitchCamp upgrade your browser will auto detect the new version at login time and ensure you are using the latest version automatically.
    • Previously a manual refresh on the Chrome browser was needed to ensure you were running the lates version after you logged into your account.

  • Renewing a Reservation

    • The reservation renewal process is used when you want to reuse the same information from a past reservation but with different dates. This speeds up your process of re-booking your re-occurring clients such as seasonal or yearly bookings.
    • Read the documentation here to learn more about this feature.

  • New Payment Panel

    • A new payment panel was introduced to handle the following:

      • Split payments, you can now add multiple payment methods when adding a payment to a reservation.
      • Cash over payments will be discarded as change due:
        • Example, before when we entered a greater Cash amount example $20 for a $15 reservation the whole $20 would be saved as the payment amount resulting in an over payment of $5.
        • Now if a larger cash amount is entered the change due which is the overpayment part is no longer included in payment amount.
      • Same payment panel used for the POS, Reservations and future payment needs.
      • Cleaner look and feel.
      • Speed up future development.

  • Gate Audit Table Sorting

    • The gate audit tables are now being sorted automatically in descending order.

  • POS

    POS (Point Of Sale) development continues. Note: the Point of Sale feature is still not active. Once the feature is ready you will have access to it from your PitchCamp menu.

    • Place Transactions On Hold:

      Allows you to place an entire POS transaction on hold/save it and then reload it at a later time.

    • View Past Transactions:

      Viewing past transactions allows you to pull up previously made sales and (View, Reprint the Receipt and Refund/Return Items).

    • Refund/Return Items:

      The ability to refund and return a previously sold item. This will adjust your Till balance and replenish the stocked item inventory. If the Payment transaction being refunded was an online Stripe payment then the refund amount will be applied accordingly to your clients card.

Version 1.0.17 March 2022

  • POS

    POS (Point Of Sale) development continues and is nearing completion. Here is the recent progress for the POS. Note: the Point of Sale feature is still not active or accessible from PitchCamp but will be soon.

    • Added support to print to a POS receipt directly. Works with any POS thermal receipt printer supporting ESCPOS commands.

    • POS thermal printing has been tested with the Munbyn Receipt Printer Series.

    • Added support to open the cash drawer when the transaction is complete.

    • Payment page done and supporting multiple payment/split payment, Stripe Payments plus all the same payment methods as currently listed on the reservation payment panel.

    • The ability to add a client to a POS transaction. In the future this will allow you to email them their receipt and also charge the amount directly to their reservation.

  • The Ability to Add a New Reservations from the Timeline

  • Lot Driving Directions

  • Lot Popup Notification

  • Lot Type Text Override

    • The lot types are used to organize your lots so they are properly grouped up with the various categories on your campground. Example: Let's say you have three different types of lots on your campground.
      • Pull through
      • Luxury Pull through
      • Tent no service
    • PitchCamp has seven default lot types that are used to categories it's lots. These lot types can be renamed to match your campgrounds needs by assigning them a New Value.
    • Read more on the new feature here…

  • Gate Pass Barcodes

    • A lot of campgrounds don’t want to give a gate access key to their transient campers as it creates friction and adds an additional variable where the clients need to return their gate access key at the end of their stay.

    • PitchCamp allows you to create a temporary gate access number that automatically expires. Using the temporary gate access numbers given to your clients PitchCamp has a feature that enables you to print the gate access number as a barcode so your clients can open the gate from the PitchCamp gate access module.

    • This way you don’t need additional gate access key cards and or worry about lost/stolen gate access keys.

    • Read more about this feature here…

  • Automated Client Portal Search

    • The client portal was also upgraded with a new feature that allows your client to easily search for your availability without needing to select the search button.

  • Server work and Infrastructure Maintenance

    • Improved server performance and upgraded core infrastructure.
    • Upgraded the UI framework and dependencies.
    • New PitchCamp shared UI library to prevent duplication of code.
    • Improved styling issues with email panel not allowing to scroll vertically on smaller monitors.

Version 1.0.16 January 2022

This is a maintenance release meaning there are not many new features because the bulk of the work was done on maintaining the background processes and also in preparation of the new POS capability to be released in the near future.

  • Spanish Language Support

    • PitchCamp now supports three languages, English, French and Spanish.
    • On the Admin Portal the new language can be selected under your users profile. campground spanish admin

    • Note: the client portal will automatically detect your users language. campground spanish client

  • Edit User Online Account Email

    • You can now edit the user online account email. This is the client email that is used to connect with the online portal. Note: this email is what controls your clients to login to their online accounts and view current and pass reservations. This email is also used when sending email communications in conjunctions with the existing email fields.

    • This email address must be completely unique for each clients and the override option on the client panel will not work with this field. If an email conflict is detected for the user online account email address you won’t be able to save the client’s profile.

    • In the case where the user online account email already exists you are strongly recommended to reuse the existing client vs creating a new one.

    • Note: client profiles are linked to online payments and existing and past reservations. Take care when editing a client profile. You should never repurpose a client profile to be reused for another client.
      Campground user online account

  • Reset Grid

    • In the reservation panel a new Reset Columns options was added to the grid filter. This allows you to reset the grid layout back to the default view. Campground reservation grid reset Campground reservation grid reset button

Version 1.0.14 - 1.0.15 November 2021

  • International Phone Number Support

    • International phone numbers are now supported.

      campground booking international phone number

  • Measuring Units

    • Both Imperial and Metric measuring units are now supported.

      campground booking international measuring units

  • Column Selection

    • You can now select which fields you would like to display in your grids.

      online reservation columns selection

  • New Reservation Columns

    • Several new columns have been added to the reservation grid to speed up your day to day work.

      new online booking columns

  • Product Selection

    • New Product and Category management panels have been added to add edit or modify categories and products. Note: the products are set up in a way to resemble your campgrounds inventory.
    • Note: all your existing add ons have been migrated as Product Inventories. You will find them under a category called “Reservation Addons”. If you like you can further break out your items into smaller categories.

      campground booking international phone number

  • Add-ons are Now Called Product Items

    • The add-ons have been renamed to products items. This is our first step in supporting a full POS system integrated into PitchCamp. You will now see a new panel while selecting your Products Items when creating or editing reservations.
    • Product items are grouped up into categories so it’s easier to find them. You will also be able to lookup items using a UPC code or by name.

      campground booking international phone number

  • Receipt Item Details Enhancements

    • Additional information have been added to the receipt to improve the clarity of products items and occupant charges.

      campground reservation booking receipt

  • Override Switch Look Enhanced

    • The look of the price override switch has changed to make it clearer and easier to understand.

      online reservation price override

  • Camping Rates Calculations and Taxes

    • PitchCamp now has the ability to use multiple taxes and tax groups on the following items..
      • Camping Rates.
      • Occupants and Vehicles.
        • Adults
        • Children's
        • Vehicles
        • Animals
      • Products Inventory / Previously called Add-ons.
      • Fees.
  • Tax Groups

    • Tax groups allows your campground to create different tax groups and tax combinations. This was added to allow PitchCamp to support additional features such as POS Point of Sale transactions and meter reading to be added in a future release.

      online reservation tax group

Version 1.0.13 May 2021

  • Reservation Tags
    • You now have the ability to add, edit or remove tags on a reservation. Tags can be used in many ways in order to help you organize your reservations. Tags can be used to create an internal process at your campground, mark multiple reservations as part of a group or in any other way you may think to use them.

Version 1.0.12 April 2021

  • Email Templates
    • You can now edit all the emails the system uses to communicate with your clients. You can also create new email templates which can be used later on to speed up your repetitive tasks.
  • Email Actions
    • New email actions allow you to create Triggered and Scheduled emails.
      • A trigger will automatically send out an email for you when specific actions are performed.
      • Schedules allow you to send out future Emails or Waiver Signature Requests automatically.
  • Manual Emails
    • The email panel when sending out emails has been redone so you can now easily, add attachments, select an existing email template, choose to include the clients invoice or gate access numbers. You can now send out the same email to multiple reservations/clients by simply selecting them from the reservation grid.
  • Sent Email History
    • Starting with this release you can now see a history of the emails that were sent to your clients with the send date and if they have opened it or not. By hovering over the “Sent Emails” column you now get a new popup where you can also click on the sent email to view a preview of the email that was sent.
  • Audit Logs
    • Starting this release, you will be able to view the audit trails of what changes has occurred on a specific reservation. The audit logs show you the date when a reservation has changed, which user has made the changes and a grid-like overview of what has changed on the reservation.

Beta 1.0.11 March 2021

  • User Account Management
    • You can now add remove and manage your user accounts.
    • Control access to your online booking by activating it or deactivating it.

Beta 1.0.10 February 2021

  • Push to Production
    • Push PitchCamp to production so it can be used by campgrounds.

Beta 1.0.10 January 2021

  • New Notifications
    • Several new notifications have been added to notify about new online reservations, payments and cancellations.
  • Quick Payment Access from Grid

    • You can now add new payments directly from the reservation grid. campground booking payment
  • Quick Edit Payments from Grid

    • Using the payment popup window you can now click on a payment and edit it directly from the grid. campground booking payment edit
  • Quick Access to Reservation States

    • The reservation state can be set directly from the reservation grid.
  • Quick Access to Reservation Status
    • The reservation status can be changed directly from the reservation grid.
  • Terminal Transaction Number
    • New feature that requires you to enter a terminal transaction number when taking in payments from your office payment gateway. This will allow you to keep track of the payments taken by referencing the terminal transaction number to ensure your payments are properly charged. Note this feature can also be disabled if you don't require the terminal transaction number in your records..
  • Reservation Fees
    • You can now create fees and decide if they will be applied to reservations online, offline or both.
  • Saved Payment Methods

    • Payment methods can be saved and used for future payments. campground booking save payment
  • Payment Audit

    • A new payment audit timeline was added to the payment method allowing you to see the transaction details of a payment.
  • Gated Dates & Blocked Dates
    • You can now block dates displayed on the online client portal calendar to prevent clients from reserving certain dates. You can also create gated dates that enforces specific dates that should be reserved together. Unavailable dates: simply prevent the users from selecting specific dates on the online calendar. This is useful when you need to prevent online users from reserving for a specified date range. Gated dates: ensure that your selected dates/weekends are not broken down into smaller reservations. Example: let's say that you don't want your long weekends to be broken down by 1-2 nights reservations when you should be renting out 3-night reservations for that long weekend to maximize income. This controls the online calendar so your guest doesn't have a choice but to rent for the entire long weekend or for the same amount of nights that are gated.
  • New Lot Types
    • A new lot type has been added that allows you to categories your lots with predefined types.
  • New Lot Attributes
    • Rates now have a default description, pictures and min night rental online. If no pictures or description are added to a lot then the default rate attributes will be used. You now have an option to control the "Min Night Rental Online". This allows you to enforce specific rules such as having a minimum 7 night rental on your cottages rates.
  • Stripe User Onboarding
    • Stripe user onboarding integrated making it easy for you to integrate the Stripe payment gateway process. Note: before you can start taking online reservations and or payments the stripe user onboarding process must be completed.
  • Partial Refunds
    • You can now process online and offline partial refunds. Note: when a refund is applied to an online payment the refund is automatically applied to your clients card. No need to login to the Stripe dashboard to process the refund manually. campground booking partial refund

Beta 1.0.10 December 2020

  • Cancellation Rules
    • New cancellation rules can be applied for online or offline reservations. You can control if you allow your online clients to be able to cancel their own reservations or not. You can also set cancellation rules that prevent your clients from cancelling based on flat rates or variable rates..

      campground booking cancellation rules

Beta 1.0.10 November 2020

  • Online Client Portal Administration
    • A new online campground setting panel was added to control the look and feel of your online reservation portal. .

      campground booking admin client portal

Beta 1.0.10 October 2020

  • Online Reservation Portal
    • Development of the online client portal was completed.

      campground booking online reservations

Beta 1.0.10 September 2020

  • Online Reservation Portal
    • Development of the online client portal was started. The online client portal will allow your campground to take online reservations.

Beta 1.0.9 August 2020

  • Reservation Edit are Now Easier

    • You can now click on the main body of the reservation section to edit it. You can still use the Edit Icon or click on the content to open the edit window.

      campground booking reservation edit

  • Client Insurance

    • You now have the ability to add multiple insurance entries for each client. There is also an upload feature that allows you to add a copy of the clients insurance by uploading a PDF or an image.

      campground booking client insurance

  • Client Vehicles

    • You now have the ability to add multiple vehicle entries for each client. The license plate numbers will be visible and searchable from the (Client, Reservation and Gate Access) grid.

      campground booking client vehicles

  • Client Flags

    • New client flag option added. Normally you should have a “2 strikes, you’re out” rule. This will bring in more control over your campground and you will find things to be a lot easier to handle. With this new feature you can easily set the client flag color to Green,Yellow or Red.

      campground booking client flags

  • Reservation Edit Lot Availability

    • The reservation lot availability feature allows you to quickly see the availability around the selected lot number. When editing a reservation you can now visually see the surrounding reservations without needing to leave the edit window. The states are now located above the calendar. A new arrival and departure date picker was added to facilitate date selection. As the reservation arrival and departure date changes so will the timeline item showing a visual representation live.

  • Payment Popup on Reservation Grid

    • You can now have a quick view of payments for a reservation by simply hovering over the payment column of the reservation. This allows you to quickly peek at the payments made on a reservation without having to open it up.

      campground booking add seasonal dates

  • Client Notes Added to the Reservation Grid

    • A new column was added to the reservation grid that allows you to view and filter your reservation based on the comments added to clients.
  • New Payment Summary Report

    • The payment summary report allows you to quickly list your campgrounds payment received by the payment dates. The report area allows you to break down the payment received by payment type. If the Payment Type column is selected then the report will be broken down into the various payment types received based on the report grouping selected. Additionally, you can group the report on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

  • New Seasonal Revenue Report

    • The seasonal revenue report allows you to generate a financial report of the total revenue for services offered between the seasonal fiscal year dates. This report is often used to give to your accountant so they can see when the payment/revenue were received for services offered between the seasonal fiscal years.

  • Seasonal Date Management Added

    • A new interface was added that allows you to easily manage your seasonal dates. You can now have several seasonal dates defined with either fixed dates for variable dates. The variable dates allows you to specify a day of the week opposed to a specific date. Example: you can choose to have your campgrounds starting date to be on the Second Friday of May. You can also mix in the fixed dates with variable dates as your starting and ending seasonal dates.

      add seasonal dates

Beta 1.0.8 July 2020

  • Print Reservation Grid
    • A new feature was added that allows you to print your reservation grid.
    • Note: changing the sorting and filtering of your grid will be reflected when printing the grid.
    • Watch this Youtube video to see it in action:
  • Upload Scanned/Image Waivers:
    • You can now take your existing hard copy waivers and upload them as PDF or Images/PDF. This will take care of the use cases where you need to have your clients sign a hard copy and still use PitchCamp to track and manage it.
  • User Profile Edit:
    • A section was added to allow you to edit your user profile information.
  • User Logo:
    • You can now change your profile logo.
  • User Password:
    • You can now change your profile password.
  • Change Password on Login:
    • A new feature was added that will prompt users to change their password on their first login.
  • Password Reset Request:
    • You can now request a password reset request email. This will send you an email to your email address where you will be able to click on a link and enter a new password. To access the password reset page click on the Password reset link from the login page.
  • Reservation Client Name Column:
    • The client columns under the reservation panel have been split up into First Name and Last Name opposed to having them merged up into one column called Client Name. This will allow you to sort your reservation grid by client first name or client last name. Which wasn’t possible when they were both merged into one.
  • Emailed Gate Access Number Location:
    • The location of the emailed gate access numbers have been moved higher up in the email to make it easier for your clients to access and see.

Beta 1.0.2 - 1.0.7 June 2020

  • Refund Payment Total
    • A new Total Refund section was added that sums up the refunded payments amounts and also displays the refund details on your clients invoices.
  • Gate Access Module

    • The gate access module is now completed and working onsite. This allows you to provision your gate number directly from PitchCamp and manage access to your campground easily.
    • This means you will be able to seamlessly control and monitor who accesses your campground.
      • Open and monitor your gates remotely.
      • You’ll also be able to create the following access rules on a per gate number basis.
      • Allow access between the reservation arrival and departure date only.
      • Allow access if they have paid in full.
      • Revoke gate access completely.
  • Adding Gate Numbers Now Easier and Faster

    • A new button was added to Add Gate Panel to speed up the process of adding your gate numbers. When the “Add Another” button is selected the New Gate Access window will remain open and focus automatically on the gate number field ready for the next number.
  • Campground Settings

    • You can now access your “Campground Settings” which allows you to change and update your Campground Contact Information and Logo/Branding.
  • Dashboard

    • When you login you will now be presented with a stunning dashboard displaying important and useful information about your campground.
  • YELP Siren Detection Added to Gate Access Module

    • A new siren detection has been added to the gate access module. This will allow emergency vehicles to open the gate using their sirens.
  • New Expired Reservation State

    • Now, whenever an on-hold reservation elapses the set date and time the reservation will automatically be changed to Expired.
  • New Gate Access Number/Barcode Print Outs

    • A new report was added to allow you to print out the gate access numbers as Barcodes. The barcodes will open your gates when used with the PitchCamp gate access module.
  • Auto Generate Gate Numbers

    • You can now auto generate gate numbers. Any auto generated gate numbers will be maintained by PitchCamp.
  • Email Gate Access Numbers as Barcodes

    • Your gate numbers can be emailed to your clients as barcodes so they can access your campground unattended.
  • Reuse Existing Waivers

    • You can now import previously signed waivers and attach them to a reservation. This allows you to reuse previously signed waivers from previous reservations.
  • Upload Hard Copy Waivers

    • You can now take your existing hard copy waivers and upload them as PDF or Images/PDF. This will take care of the use cases where you need to have your clients sign a hard copy and still use PitchCamp to track and manage it.

Beta 1.0.1 May 2020

  • Beta Testing
    • Beta testing has started and onboarded several campgrounds to start using the application.

Alpha 1.0 April 2020

  • PitchCamp Alpha is Live
    • This was a momental moment as I compare it to the birth of my four butiful children. I present you PitchCamp, is now online and can be accessed.

Alpha 0.9 March 2020

  • Timeline/Gantt Chart
    • Reservations can now be viewed in a timeline or what others call the rack.
    • Timeline items can be moved and extend directly from the timeline.
    • Reservations can be easily opened by double clicking on any timeline items.
    • All timeline items are properly color coded to match the reservation grid.

Alpha 0.8 February 2020

  • Waiver and Forms
    • New feature to PitchCamp, now waivers can be crafted and sent to your client for them to acknowledge and sign.
    • The request can be sent via email or displayed on a kiosk.
    • Waivers and Forms are automatically saved to the clients reservation.
    • Notifications are now displayed when a client has completed a waiver/form.
    • Additional occupants can now be added to the waiver/form by your clients. The additional occupants added by your clients are automatically saved to the clients profile.
    • Additional occupants are automatically populated the next time a client needs to sign a waiver/form.

Alpha 0.7 January 2020

  • Reservation Invoice
    • Added the ability to print out your reservation invoices.
    • Client invoices can be sent by email.
    • Added the ability to add a personalized message at the top of the invoice.
    • Reservation invoices can be sent in bulk directly from the reservation grid.

Alpha 0.6 December 2019

  • Create New Reservation
    • Created a new stepped based approach when crating a new reservation. The step based approach allows experienced users and beginner users to quickly and effectively create new reservations.
    • When creating a new reservation you can now duplicate a reservation from the reservation review panel.
    • Multiple reservation can now be created simultaneously.
    • Added a shopping cart style sidebar to display your progress when creating a new reservation.

Alpha 0.5 November 2019

  • Reservation View
    • Reworking the reservation view. Making the reservation viewing panel cleaner faster and dynamic. So that when on the reservation viewing panel you have access to all of the reservation elements at a glance.

Alpha 0.5 October 2019

  • Date Brownout

    • Added the ability to add brownouts dates to the online calendar. Brownout dates are used to block off a range of dates from your online calendar.
    • A new state was added to the brownout dates allowing you to make them active or inactive.
  • Receipt Disclaimer

    • The ability to add multiple receipt disclaimer to your clients receipt.
    • The disclaimer can be easily associated to any of your campgrounds base price.
    • The disclaimer text editor has a rich interface allowing you to add common text formatting and URL links.
  • Extra People Pricing

    • The extra people pricing panel has been added.
    • This allows you to control the high water mark breakpoint. (When should charges be applied for extra people or dogs)
    • The pricing structure (Tiered or Fixed pricing).
    • And the amounts charged for your extra adults, children's and dogs.
  • Reservation Add-on

    • Reservations add-ons can now be attached to reservations.
    • Add-ons have either a fixed base pricing or a tiered base pricing.
    • Add-ons can be active to in-active.
    • The ability to make add-ons available to the online reservation funnel.
    • Pictures can now be added to the add-on items. Pictures are used by the online reservation funnels.
  • Taxes

    • The new tax panel allows the users to add edit and delete tax items.
    • Tax items can be active or de-activated.
  • Base Rates

    • Added the ability to add, edit and delete base rates associated to a lot.
    • Min Night Rental added to base rates controlling the availability of a lot based on the number of nights of the reservation.
    • Added base rate tier (Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Seasonal) to control the price denomination of a lot based on the number of nights of a reservation.
    • Added the ability of controlling which rate tiers are used in the final calculation.
  • Schedule Rates

    • Added the ability of creating scheduled rates on top of base rates that only gets invoked when the reservation start date is between the dates listed in the scheduled rates. Schedule rates only gets used if the reservation arrival date falls between the scheduled camping rate start and end dates. Otherwise the base rates will be used.

Alpha 0.4 September 2019

  • Gate Access Panel
    • New gate access panel to manage the gate numbers associated to the clients.
    • Capabilities added:
      • Add a new gate access number
      • Edit the settings of a created access number
      • Delete a gate access number if not assigned to any client
      • Color field added to visually group gate access
      • The ability to control the state of a gate access number by either setting them to (Active or Not Active)
      • Bulk updates capabilities on the following:
        • Color
        • State
        • Un-assign a number from a client
  • Client Panel
    • Displaying, updating, adding and deleting client information.
    • The ability to add multiple phone numbers,cell numbers, email address and gate access numbers to a single client.
    • Gate access number validation to prevent the use of gate numbers not registered on your campground.
    • Perform bulk updates on numerous clients on the following fields:
      • Client Types
      • Geographic (Country, Region, City)
      • Unit Type
      • Unit Slide Outs
      • Unit Year
      • Unit Model
      • Client Since Date
      • Notes
      • Remove gate access
    • Field validation to ensure it doesn't already exist among other clients. Validation done on the following fields:
      • Email Address
      • Phone Number
      • Cell Number
    • Added a switch to override existing client information allowing the user to save/add when presented with existing field validation warnings.
    • Added email masking validation to eliminate invalid email formats.
    • Enhanced the client grid columns to clearly display fields having multiple values such as, Phone Number, Cell Numbers, Email Addresses and Gate Access Numbers
    • Display the number of days/years the client has been registered on your campground.
    • Added the ability to select the clients registered/creation date.
    • Added additional encryption on client notes to better safeguard it.

Alpha 0.3 August 2019

  • Map editor

    • Displaying map markers
    • Positioning and saving the map markers
    • Changing the color, font size and marker orientation
  • Lot grid

    • Deleting and performing bulk updates on multiple lot items

Alpha 0.2 June 2019

  • Lot grid
    • Listing
    • Filtering
    • Adding and editing lots

Alpha 0.1 May 2019

  • Reservation grid completed [Listing, filtering performing bulk changes on reservation states] completed

Release Cycle

Officially Launched (July 2021)

  • PitchCamp is officially in production and being used by campgrounds around the globe.

Beta Testing (June 1st, 2020 - February 1st, 2021)

  • Beta testing started in May of 2020
  • Second phase of development work started (MVP): | ######## 100% 😍😍😍😍 |

Alpha Development (May 1st, 2019 - June 1st, 2020 )

  • The official development of PitchCamp started on May 1st, 2019 and expecting to have the first version ready by June 1st 2020.
  • First phase of development work completed (MVP): | ######## 100% 😍 😍 😍 😍 |