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Supported Printers

PitchCamp currently has been tested with the Munbyn Receipt Printer Series.

Supported Thermal Receipt Printers

Model ITPP047

  • MUNBYN Receipt Printer 80mm with USB Serial LAN Port, Thermal POS Printer with Auto Cutter for Restaurant Kitchen Shop Home Business, Support ESC/POS Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS Cash Drawer

thermal Munbyn Printer 1

Model ITPP098

  • 80MM Thermal Receipt POS Printer, MUNBYN USB Wired Printer with Auto Cutter and Cash Drawer Port for Retail Business, Support Windows Linux System ESC/POS

thermal Munbyn Printer 1

What a Receipt Printer Must Have

  • Cash Drawer Support Port
  • USB Wired Port
  • 80mm preferably or 58mm
  • Auto cutter (Optional but nice to have)
  • Supports your operating system of your PC. Example (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc..)