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Editing a Reservation

To edit a reservation double click on it from the reservation grid. Once the reservation edit panel opens you will be able to change and modify it and also add/edit payments.


The reservation status can be changed between Active and Cancelled. To change the reservation status select the edit icon on the top tab bar beside it's current status.

Active Status

When a reservation is active it will be either Incomplete or Complete Status.


A reservation is incomplete when there is a balance owing.


A reservation is marked complete when it's paid in full.

Cancelled Status

A cancelled status has the same affect as if you were deleting a reservation. When the reservation is cancelled the associated lot will be made available.

Expired Status

The expired status is not accessible through the interface because it's used by the system to signal that a reservation has elapsed the on hold date specified in the reservation states.

Once a reservation is expired the associated lot will be made available again. If needed you could change an expired reservation status to Active again and add a new on hold date or change it to any desired state.


The reservation section list information pertaining to the arrival and departure dates, number of nights and the current state.

Editing the Reservation

To edit the reservation section select the edit icon, a dialog window will open allowing you to change the arrival, departure date and state.

Reservation States

The reservation states are used to indicate the current state in with the reservation is in.

Not Arrived an Checked In

Used to indicate the client has not arrived yet. When the client arrives at your campground you will need to change it's state to checked in. That way you can keep track which clients have not checked in yet.

Checked Out

The system will automatically change your reservations to checked out once the departure time expires. If needed you can also select this state manually.

On Hold

The on hold state allows you to pencil in a reservation until a specific date and time. Once the on hold date time has expired the system will change your reservation to Expired Status. Once the reservation is expired the associated lot will be available again.


The lot section allows you to see information about the assigned lot. You may change the assigned lot by selecting the search icon. When selecting a new lot the map panel opens listing the available lots for the selected arrival and departure dates selected from the reservation section.


The client section list the current client assigned to the reservation. From the client section the client can be edited, added or searched by selecting the appropriate action icons.

Searching for an Existing Client

When searching for a existing client simply select the client form the grid and click on the Add to Reservation button located at the bottom left of the panel to replace the existing client.


The occupants section allows you to adjust the number of adults, children's and animals assigned to a reservation. If your campgrounds occupants threshold is met when adjusting the counts then the appropriate changes will be applied.


The add-on are always calculated based on the number of nights for tiered priced add-ons. For fixed price add-ons the price will never change.
To apply the last known add-on used for the assigned client select the Get last used add-ons icon. This will fetch the last known add-ons used for this client and automatically select them from the list.


To add or edit a reservation payment double click on the reservation row from the reservation grid and then scroll down to the bottom of the Reservation Edit panel where you will be able to Edit or Add a payment

Editing a Payment

When the edit payment option is selected a panel will open up listing all the payments in a grid. To edit an existing payment double click on the row.

Adding a Payment

To add a payment click on the add payment icon where you will be presented with the payment dialog window.

Payment Status

Payment status are used to either make them applicable or not. Payments can't be deleted, if a payments needs to be removed use one of the available payment status from the drop down.


Makes an active payment against the reservation.


Used when a refund is issued to a client.


Voided has the same affect as deleting a payment except the payment will always be visible. Use this state if a mistake was made and you wish to remove a payment.