Click on the Gates icon at left of screen and it shows 2 options; Gate Number and Gate Control. .

  1. Gate Numbers

  2. Gate Control

Gate Numbers

Click on Gate Numbers and it opens a Gate Access Number screen.

Gate Numbers Icons

New Gate Access Number

Reset Filters

Bulk Update


You can search a specific gate access key, add the gate access key number in the search field under the Gate Access Number.


You can sort any column, click on the title and it will sort upwards or downwards.

New Gate Access Number

To add a gate number, click on the + sign and it opens a New Gate Access window.

  • Program the gate key FOB by adding the number on the Fob in the Gate Access Number field.

  • Select color for the FOB

    • You can select a color for seasonal campers, a different color for employees, a different color for third adult registered on site.
  • Select a color Click on the Active / Not Active field

  • Click Location – In or Out Gate

  • Click Off or On for Access between reservation dates only

  • Click Off or On for Res paid in full access only

  • Gate number notes – Enter the name of the person for the gate access key should there be more than one access key on a site.

Once all fields have been entered, click ADD or ADD ANOTHER if you need to add another key to the same site.


Click the Bulk Update Icon and small window pops-open

Click a specific color to do a bulk update and click SAVE

State - select Active or Not Active Gate Access to do a Bulk Update

Location – select the In Gate or Out Gate Access to do a Bulk Update

Access between Reservation Dates – click the Off or On switch to do a Bulk Update

Access between Reservation paid in full access only – click the Off or On switch to do a Bulk Update

Un-assign Gate Access – this will remove all clients gate access currently associated with the selected gate numbers.


You have the option to Activate or Deactivate the Access Gate.

When the gate has been deactivated, no gate access key Fobs will work.

You can search for a specific Access Card by entering the number is the Gate number to test field.