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Adding a Lot

In the lot grid you can add edit or delete your lots. You can also chang the appearance of the map pin marker.

To add a lot select New Lot from the menu and then enter a lot number.


The lot field area will indicate if you've entered an invalid lot number or if it the lot ID already exists.

Lot Number

Lot numbers are alpha numerical meaning you can include any characters and numbers when creating your lot number.

  • 100
  • 100a
Examples of a badly formed lot numbers
  • a100
  • 100_a
  • 100-a

    Although you can use any alpha numerical characters for a lot number, adhering to a simple convention will greatly improve your lots search-ability and campgrounds organization.

Lot number format recommendation
  • [number][lower case letter]
  • Example: 100a

Map Pin Color

The map pin color will be used to control the color of the drop pin on the campground map. The map pin colors are useful when you need to visually identify your lots on the map.


Map pin colors are useful to visually distinguish between the various lot types on your campground map.

Online Map Pin Colors

The map pin colors will be used on the campground map and also on the online reservation map seen by your clients.

Marker Direction

There are four types of marker orientation to choose from. The marker stem will change based on your selection.

  • Top
  • Right
  • Bottom
  • Left


The marker direction is useful wen trying to identify multiple lots in a tight area.

Marker Radius

You can change the diameter of the marker based on your preference. Large markers can fit more text at a larger font size making it easier to see the lot ID's.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Marker Font Size

The marker font size will chang the font size of the lot ID's displayed on the marker.


The lot images added are the same images your clients will see when they reserve online. A maximum of three images can be added for each lot.

Price Type

The price type drop down list all the camping rates available. When selecting a camping rage the daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal prices will change base on your selection.


If you need to add edit or make changes to the camping rates you can do it from the Camping Rate panel.


The lot depth is used to filter out available lots based on the RV size when your clients searches on the online map.


Lot filtering is only done on the online reservation map and not the campground map.


The width field is not used in any lot filtering. It's simply there as a reference for you and your online clients.

Available Online

The available online option allows you to control if the lots are available from the online reservation map. If set to No then the lot won't be available for online reservations.

Editing a lot

Double clicking on a lot from the grid will open up the lot dialog window. Here you will be able to edit and save your changes.

Bulk updates

Bulk updates allows you to quickly update multiple records with the same information.

Example let's say you would like to change the pricing model of several lots:

  1. Select the lots from the grid you want to update using ctrl and or shift + the mouse to select the rows from the grid.
  2. From the menu select Bulk Updates+Price Type
  3. Select the new pricing model from the drop down and click on save.
  4. Now all the selected lots/rows from the grid will be updated to the selected pricing model.

Here are the bulk updates methods available:

  • Map pin color
  • Marker direction
  • Marker radius
  • Marker font size
  • Price type
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Utilities (Water, Sewer and Electricity)
  • Available online
  • Notes

Deleting a lot

To delete a lot double click on it from the grid and then select the delete option located in the bottom right of the dialog window.

Existing Reservations

If the lot is assigned to an existing reservation then it's impossible to delete it because it has already been assigned to a reservation.

Adding multiple lots

If you have an existing list or database you would like to import in order to speed up the process of adding your lots to your campground.

Send me and email at and I'll help you out.