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Brownout Date

Brownout dates are used to block out online calendar dates from being selected from your online booking page when searching for available lots.

By default the online calendar will always use your campgrounds seasonal starting/ending day and month to determine your active calendar days online. The brownout dates can be used to block out the entirety of your online calendar or just several days.

Brownout Types

There are two types of brownout dates:

  • Unavailable Brownout Dates are useful to prevent your clients from booking a reservation for a period of time that you are not ready to accept reservations for.


    Let's say that you don't want your clients to be able to book a reservation for next years season until you are ready to start accepting online reservations for that season.

    • By adding an unavailable brownout period from May 1st 2024 till October 1st 2030 will ensure your online clients can't select a reservation for that period.
    • When you're ready to begin accepting reservations for that particular season you can simply adjust the unavailable brownout period or modify the brownout period by marking it as Not Active or deleting it.
  • Gated Brownout Dates are useful to prevent your most profitable weekends from being broken up by online reservations.


    Let's say you have a long weekend where you prefer having clients reserve a three nights reservation from the Friday night till Monday.

    • By adding a gated brownout period from Friday till Monday will ensure your online clients can't select a two night reservation for that weekend.
    • Your online clients will only have two choices:
      • To select a three night reservation starting from Friday till Monday.
      • or choosing a reservation that overlaps with the brownout period having an equal number of nights or more. (i.e. Thursday - Sunday - Friday - Saturday).

Adding a Brownout Date

From your main menu select Admin and then Date Brownout.

On the date brownout page you will see a list of all your brownout dates which can be filtered and edited.

To add a new brownout date select the New Brownout Date from the menu in the top right corner.

  • Select the Type of brownout date you want to create.
  • Make the date brownout state Active.
    • Note: If you want to create a brownout date that is not active you can do so by setting the state to Not Active.
  • Then select the From Date and End Date.
  • You can also add a description to the brownout date.
    • Note: The description will be visible to your online clients when they hover over the brownout dates on the online calendar.
  • And save.

Editing a Brownout Date

To edit an existing brownout date double click on the row and edit.

Deleting a Brownout Date

To delete an existing brownout date double click on it from the grid and select the delete icon located in the bottom right corner of the dialog box.