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Brownout Date

Brownout dates are used to block out online calendar dates from being selected by your clients when searching for available lots.

By default the online calendar will always use your campgrounds seasonal starting/ending day and month to determine your active calendar days online. The brownout dates can be used to block out the entirety of your online calendar or just several days.


Brownout dates are also useful to prevent your most profitable weekends from being broken up by online reservations.

Example: Let's say you have a long weekend where you prefer having clients reserve from the Friday night till Monday.

  • Then by adding a brownout period from the Saturday to Sunday will block those days from your online calendar.
  • Your online clients will only have two choices:
    • To select a three night reservation starting from Friday till Monday.
    • Or call the front office to make special arrangements.

Note: The brownout dates do not appear on the calendar used by your front office, only the online calendar will reflect your brownout dates.

Adding a Brownout Date

Brownout dates can be easily added by selecting the New Brownout Date from the menu.

  • Select your from and to dates to block off.
  • Make the date brownout state Active.
  • And save.

Editing a Brownout Date

To edit an existing brownout date double click on the row and edit it's fields from the dialog box.

Deleting a Brownout Date

To delete an existing brownout date double click on it from the grid and select the delete icon located in the bottom right corner of the dialog box.