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Making a Return

Before perform a return/refund you will need the original receipt so you can easily find the items to return.

From the POS window select the POS Options menu then select Past Sales / Refunds from the menu.

pos past sale menu

Once at the Past Sales / Refunds dialog window scan in the receipt barcode or enter it manually in the Search Transaction ID area.

This will find the transaction number we are looking to refund.

pos past sale dialog

Difference Between a Sale and a Refund

  • A sale transaction will allows you to perform a refund
  • A refunded transaction won't allow you to perform a refund and it will state in the transaction ID column from which sale transaction it was refunded from.

Example: In the example below there are two transaction.

pos sale vs refunded transaction

  • Transaction ID 1134 is the original sale transaction.
  • Transaction ID 1135 is the refunded transaction from transaction ID 1134.
  • Noticed how the refunded transaction is different.
    • Doesn't have a Refund button.
    • Has it's own transaction ID however, it also references the original transaction ID from which it originated from.

Refunding the Transaction

Once you have found the transaction you would like to refund click on the Refund icon from the action column. This will open up the return item panel where you will be able to specify which items to return and the quantities to return.

pos receipt

  • If the item being return has a barcode you can scan barcode in the top Scan SKU bar and the return quantity for that item will increase by one.
  • You can also manually increase the return quantities beside each items being return.
  • If all items on the receipt are being return you can click on the Return All button which will return all the items on the receipt.

    pos refund next button

  • Next at the Balance Owing panel you will be prompted to enter the refunded amounts in the payments used during this transaction.

    pos refund payments


When the refund payment window opens the refunded amounts will be auto populated by the system based on the availabilities of the amount available for each refund payment.


If the payment method is an Online Stripe payment the clients card will be automatically refunded. No need to login to Stripe and manually refund the clients card.

  • Once you have entered all the balance owing amounts in the refund payments methods you can add a refund note for future references and click the Save button to process the return/refund.

    pos refund receipt

  • Click the Done button to close the receipt window.

  • This will bring you back to the transaction window where you will be able to see your newly created refund in the list.

    pos refunded transaction

Previously Refunded Items

If an item was previously refunded you won't be able to refund it if all quantities were previously refunded.


  • In the example blow you can see that we previously had 2 items that were refunded out of the 2 quantities sold.
  • Therefore, this item can no longer be returned as all items have been previously refunded.
  • The system won't allow you to increase the return quantities for this item.

pos previously refunded