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Billing Page

The billing page is where you control your current subscription and also get a summary of your upcoming and past plan details

This is also the page that will be presented to you if ever there's an unpaid amount owing on your account.

Accessing the Billing Page

  • To access the billing page go to Admin -> Campground Settings -> Billing


The billing page has several areas that allows you to do the following.

  • Upgrade or downgrade your subscription:

    To change subscription plan click on the View All Plans button to see the available plans.


  • Identifies which subscription plan you currently are on:


  • View upcoming bill summary:

    This allows you to see next months/years reoccurring cost and the subscription period. It also shows you the number of reservations and the rate at which you will be billed for at the end of the month.


    • Reoccurring billing can be on a monthly or a yearly cycle based on your plan.
    • Metered billing is billed every month regardless of the type of plan selected.


  • View your remaining metered reservation credits:

    These ar the number of reservations that can be made either online or manually before you are charged.


  • Cancel your current subscription:

    When a subscription is cancelled you will be billed for any outstanding amount at the end of your billing cycle.


    Once you subscription has been cancelled you will loose access to the application immediately.

  • View and update your payment methods:


  • View past payment plan transaction, past invoices and pay unpaid transactions: