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Reservation Conflicts not Showing

Sometimes the timeline/gantt chart won’t display reservations conflicts even though it clearly indicates the reservations are on the same lot and being displayed as a conflict would without the red styling.

Example: in the image below we can clearly see that reservation id (25658 and 25931) appear to be in conflict on the timeline as they are presented one above each other for the same lot number. However, they are not styled in red.

add seasonal dates

This is because reservation id 25931 is “Checked Out” and therefore is not taken into consideration when the conflicts are evaluated.

Other reasons why a reservation conflict might not be displayed.

  • The transaction status is in Expired state meaning that the reservation was on hold and the on hold date has elapsed.
  • The transaction status is in Cancelled state meaning that the reservation is no longer active.
  • The reservation status is Checked Out state meaning that clients are no longer occupying the reservation. Note: this is the same as the example described above.