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Meter Assignment

Meter assignments is how we identify which lot will be linked up to the meters that have been configured. A lot can have one or multiple meters assigned to it.

Example: let's say a given lot has an electrical and water meter. When assigning your meter to the lot we would assign both an electrical and a water meter.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • Go to your Lots panel.
  • Select the lot numbers from the grid you want to assign a meter to.
  • Example: to assign a meter to several lots select the rows from the grid you whish to assign a meter.
  • Select the lots from the grid you want to update using ctrl and or shift + the mouse to select the rows from the grid.
  • Then click on the Bulk Menu located in the top right of the panel. meter lot assign
  • Select Assigned Meters from the drop down menu. meter lot assign
  • Select which meters you which to assign to the selected lots and click on the Save button. meter lot assign

Now the above lots will be linked up to a meter(s) and you will be able to start entering meter readings for those reservation associated to those lots.