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Stay Rate Panel

By using the Rate Overview Panel, you can easily visualize the rate breakdown and associated costs for a reservation, making it simpler to manage and optimize rates for your campground.


The nightly calendar view will only show nightly rates for the days selected from the reservation start and end dates.

rate overview panel

  • The panel will calculate the rate breakdown and explain the costs associated with the chosen dates. You can alter the arrival and departure dates of the reservation if desired.

Accessing the Rate Overview Panel

The Rate Overview panel can be accessed by clicking on the dedicated icon, as shown in the following examples:

  • The icon can be found on the Rate Panel grid area. This is great for testing out new rate changes and making sure the rules work accordingly:


  • When creating a new reservation from the timeline popup:


  • In the reservation edit panel above the camping rate total:


  • From the camping spot selection panel in the popup:

    access from camping spot

The stay rate panel is divided into three major parts:

  1. The Reservation Dates.
  2. The Rate Breakdown.
  3. The Nightly Rate Overview.

rate panel parts

Reservation Dates

The Reservation Dates section displays the current arrival and departure dates of the reservation. You can easily change these dates by clicking on the calendar icon next to each field and selecting the desired dates. Additionally, you can use the Seasonal Dates dropdown to automatically pre-fill the dates based on your campground's seasonal dates.


Rate Breakdown

The Rate Breakdown section provides a detailed timeline of the various rate rules that apply throughout the reservation. You can hover over each breakdown to see the associated nights highlighted in red on the Nightly Rate Overview.


If the rate selected was from a scheduled rate, a clock icon will appear next to the breakdown and on the corresponding day on the Nightly Rate Overview.


Nightly Rate Overview

The Nightly Rate Overview section displays a clear and comprehensive calendar format of the nightly rates for the reservation. The selected reservation dates are highlighted in green, making it easy to identify. Only the nightly rates from the selected reservation start and end dates will be displayed on the calendar.