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Reservation Panel

The reservation grid is the area you can view all your current and past reservation at a glance.

The powerful sorting and filtering offered by the reservation grid allows you to easily search and tailor customizable views, eliminating the need for most common reports.


Color coded rows

Each rows are color coded according the reservation states.

  • Green: active and paid in full.
  • Yello: active but not paid in full.
  • Red: the reservation has been cancelled. Any lots associated to the reservation is released
  • Brown: the on-hold elapsed time has expired. Once the on-hold period is reached the lot is released

Balance Owing

Balances owing on reservations are easily identified in the grid.

  • Outstanding balance owing cells are bolded in red and outlined in order to make it easier to identify.
  • The column search also allows you to quickly search for outstanding amounts ranges. Example: to search for all balance owing greater than $100 simply enter the following > 100 for for any balance less than $100 < 100.
  • Also the quick filtering slider allows you to quickly select a range by sliding the Balance Owing Slider accordingly to the range selected.

Bulk Update Reservation States

Bulk update reservations allows you to quickly mark numerous reservations with the same state.

Example: let's say you would need to change several reservations to a specific state (active or canceled) you would use common key combinations such as ctrl and shift to select the desired reservations rows from the grid and them update them by selecting the appropriate value from the menu. NEED A PICTURE AND MENU COMBINATION HERE...]

  • active changes the reservation to an active state. If the reservation is not paid in full then the reservations will be changed to incomplete yellow color. If the reservation is paid in full then the reservation will be changed to complete green color.
  • canceled changes the reservation to inactive. Any payments made on the reservation are no longer included in the calculations of the financial reports. Also the lot is released and made available again for the specified dates which the reservations was canceled for.