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Thermal printer installation will vary depending on the model type of your printer and your PC's operating system. Please follow the instructions shipped out with your printer in order to properly install it on your PC.


The printer must be install and working on your PC before PitchCamp can connect and print to it.

Connecting the Printer to Your PC

Typically the printer will have two ports located in the back.

  • Cash Register Port
  • USB Port

thermal printer back ports

  • The cash register port is used to connect your cash register using the supplied APG cable.

    • This allows the printer to open the cash register when printing out a sale or a report.

    thermal printer apg cable

  • The USB port is to connect the printer to your PC using the supplied USB type A/B cable.

    • This allows PitchCamp to connect to your printer.

    thermal printer usb cable