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I'm excited to announce that I've been working hard to release a new campground booking timeline feature! This feature will allow your clients to book their camping trip with just a few clicks. I know how important it is for all of your customers to be able to book their camping trips as quickly and easily as possible. That’s why I’ve been working hard to develop this new feature. With the timeline feature your clients will be able to view your availabilities without them needing to call you to know your availabilities.

Online Bookings

Start taking online reservation directly form your website. Receive realtime notification when a new reservation is made and automate your client emails. Using the best free campground booking software on the internet.

Access your campground from anywhere

PitchCamp is web based meaning, you will have access to your campground reservation system from anywhere and from any mobile device.

Never worry about backing up your data

With PitchCamp your data is secure in the cloud. Our servers are continuously backed up so you don't need to worry about your rv park software data compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you are not locked into any contract of any kind when you sign up with PitchCamp.
Paid subscriptions are automatically renewed for the same subscription period unless you downgrade your plan before your renewal date.
Yes you are free to upgrade and downgrade your paid subscription.
Yes PitchCamp allows you to charge your clients additional fees. You control how much and how they are called. Feeling business savvy, charge them more and pocket the difference.
Refer us to another campground, when they become a customer both of you will receive 25 free reservation credits 🤩
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About PitchCamp

PitchCamp is a complete campground reservation management (CRM) system that allows you to take online bookings directly from your website and manage all your bookings in one easy to use application.

With our software, you can easily manage your campground reservations, track customer information, and generate reports. Our software is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.

We have included features such as a calendar view, which allows you to quickly view all of your reservations in one place. You can also easily add and edit reservations directly from the calendar view, as well as manage customer information.

We understand that running a campground can be a time-consuming and stressful task. That’s why we have designed PitchCamp to make it easier for you to manage your campground. With our solution, you can save time and energy, while still providing the best customer service possible.

Hi my name is Luc and I'm a Canadian developer who's been working in the campground industry for over 20 years.
Read more about PitchCamp here.


Need a Campground Map

We design professionally made campground maps that can be used anywhere on your website, front office and interactively with PitchCamp!



Point of Sale POS

Sell products and services from your front end store. The POS is a full feature simple to use point of sale that is also completely integrated with your reservations.

Online Payments

With our online payment processing gateway you will be able to charge your clients credit card directly from within PitchCamp.

Use Your Site Map

No more paying for map changes and updates. Use your existing map and control the look and feel of your map pins. Don't have a map, let us build one for you.

No Double Bookings

With live updates and integrated online booking get all your changes instantly.

Reservation Renewal

This speeds up your process of re-booking your re-occurring clients such as seasonal or yearly bookings. This allows you to reuse the same information from a past reservation with different dates

Online Bookings

Book online reservation directly from your website with our simple and powerful online booking portal. You control which lots are available for online reservations.

Book from Timeline

With PitchCamp you can use the timeline to easily add new bookings so you can get the most out of your campground.

Split Payments

Allows you to add multiple payment types when applying a payment(s) to a reservation or POS transaction

Email Triggers

Email triggers allows you to send out your emails automatically when ever a specific action occurs such as; New Reservation, New Payment, Cancellation, Refunds.

Scheduled Emails

Scheduled emails allows you to send out your emails automatically for things such as payment reminders, departure thank you notes and more.

Bulk Emails

Bulk emails allows you to efficiently communicate with your clients without needing to create external lists or use paid services.

Email Preview

See exactly what emails were sent out to your clients and also if they opened it.

Boom Gate Control

Control access to your campground. Know exactly which clients has entered or exited. And open your gates from anywhere.

GEO Gate Access

Allow your clients to self check in and open the gate from their phone.

Waiver Signatures

Get your waivers signed and attached to your clients reservation easily and quickly by email or using the Kiosk.

Easy to Use

Our campground engine and intuitive user interface makes managing your reservations easy.

Lightning Fast

Backed by multiple servers and unlimited resources, your campground is guaranteed to be fast.


Campground software built for real RV campgrounds of any size.

Increase Revenue

Upsell your clients by creating custom addons. Add fees to your reservations to cover operational costs.


Adjust your cancellation policies based on a flat rate, percentage rate or variable rates. Control whether you allow online bookings or not and which sites are available online.


Upload your logo and personalize the look and feel of your campground portal, emails and reports.

On Hold

Have you ever had an indecisive client before! Put the reservation on hold and let the system take care of the rest.

Rowdy Clients

Keep track of your rowdy clients by red flagging them and implementing a three strike you're out type of approach.

Adjustable Rates

Control your rates daily, weekly, monthly or fixed prices. Also create custom rates by date ranges to accommodate high season and low season prices.

Lot Images

Add images for individual lots or by price category. Also descriptions can be added globally or onto individual lots.

Extra Occupants

Add your rules and start charging for additional occupants, animals and vehicles.


PitchCamp has a number of useful statistics that allows you to quickly make informed decisions.


Our reporting tools enables you to generate various reports based on your needs and export them as a PDF and CSV.


Simple realtime notification alerting you when new online reservations are created, new online payments, signed waivers and more.
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