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Does My Campground Need Cabins?

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Advantages and Disadvantages

So you may have recently taken the plunge and opened up a fabulous campground for others to enjoy the fresh air, open spaces, and wonderful scenery.

You might have all your camping pitches organized, provided great hot showers, somewhere to wash pots and plates, and are all ready to go!

But more and more these days, customers are looking for that little bit extra from a campground so you might be wondering if your campground needs cabins?

Let’s begin with the quick takeaway answer so you can get started straight away in making your ‘go-to’ camping ground.

Does my campground need cabins? To have a successful campground it’s not obligatory to have cabins. Some customers will always prefer to stay under canvas and experience the outdoors on a closer level. However, cabins can be an extra addition to your camping business revenue, for customers looking for a little more comfort.

So now we’ve got the speedy response, let’s take a closer look at why you might be thinking about adding cabins to your campground including the benefits to your customers and from the point of view of your own business needs.

Let’s start by making sure we understand exactly what a campground is in order to understand a little more fully about the implications of adding cabins.

What is a Campground

The definition of a campground is that it is a specific area, space, or land dedicated to accommodating campers.

The site of a campground varies hugely. Right from clearings on the outer side or the edge of the woods usually near a lake, stream, or river to wild country and those by the ocean.

Campgrounds offer a range of different amenities. These can range from:

Basics only such as the area to put up tents

  • A fire pit for a bonfire
  • Electricity
  • Camping sports
  • Laundry facilities
  • Cabins
  • Social areas
  • Points to charge phones and other devices
  • Electric

So what exactly constitutes a ‘cabin?’ Let’s take a look below and find out, so you can more easily make a judgment as to whether your campground needs cabins.

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What are Campground Cabins?

Camping cabins are a way to experience the great outdoors while still being somewhat in your comfort zone!

A cabin means your customers will not have to come equipped with an array of camping equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, etc.

In a nutshell, a basic camping cabin is a small room that has a bed or beds, depending on the size, a couple of chairs and tables.

And the best part? electricity! Renting cabins also come with access to toilets and shower cabins.

There are also cabins that really hot up in terms of their luxury. These cabins may include: * Air conditioning * Heating * Televisions * Stovetops * Hot tubs

So now we understand exactly what a cabin is, let’s discover a little more about some of the advantages of a cabin for your campground business.

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Advantages of Hosting a Campground Cabin

  • More customers - The better the facilities you offer the more campers you attract. Every business would like to make as much profit as possible and attract customers towards your business as the biggest priority. A campground business is no different.

  • Attract a more diverse audience - Camping on social media and papers is sometimes geared more towards the younger generation. However, offering cabins gives those with younger families and older generations a way to interact with the outdoors and experience some of the joys of camping, without some of the challenges of staying in a tent. By offering cabins to your campground guests, you can take advantage of the huge camping customer base such as solo campers.

  • Higher charges - Offering a cabin facility will of course mean you can charge more for your offering. A tent pitch without amenities will only bring in a certain revenue, whereas by adding cabins you can scale your business up. For instance by offering basic cabins, but also offering some that are more luxurious, so you can increase the price accordingly. Depending on the size of the cabin you choose, the facilities you offer, and the number of beds, you could bf renting out a cabin ranging anywhere from 45 dollars to an 85 dollars a night for a basic cabin, while more luxurious cabins with more facilities can bring in from 150 dollars to 250 dollars per night.

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So why would your customers prefer to camp in a cabin rather than traditionally under canvas? Let’s find out below.

Campground Cabin Advantages for Customers

  • Facilities - Camping in cabins comes with all sorts of benefits that are perfect for those rushing to experience getting back to basics but with a touch of home. Cabins that offer electricity and in some places even wifi, means your customers can enjoy the outdoors with a touch of luxury they wouldn’t get under canvas. By offering washing and toilet facilities, your customers can experience a welcome upgrade to a basic tent experience.

  • No weather issues - Weather in a cabin is never going to be an issue. Whether the wind is blowing, the sun is shining or a rain cloud has visited for the day, Unexpected weather changes aren’t likely to catch out the unsuspecting camper.

  • Added security - Camping as thrilling as it may sound could also seem pretty scary and even dangerous if you're not a regular camper or aren’t familiar with the general knowhow of camping. Sleeping in tents, cut off from the world without any real security could be an anxious time for some. Cabins add that extra security for first-time campers or families with smaller children, and of course the more elderly.

  • Cost-effective - staying in a cabin is a great way to experience much of the camping experience and what it has to offer, without the huge initial layout of buying camping equipment. There’s also the fact cabins can work out also much cheaper than a traditional motel or hotel stay.

Ok, so we’ve seen the thumbs up for cabins for both camping ground owners and their potential customers, but are there any disadvantages we can think of?

Disadvantages of Campground Cabins

  • Expensive - Setting up a campsite alone is pretty expensive and can go up to a staggering 15 thousand dollars. Adding cabins to that would only increase the cost.

  • Not the real deal - Offering facilities such as electricity, bunkers, and washrooms is great but it does not compensate for the real deal. By cabin camping, your customers won't experience the realities of living close to nature without the usual amenities they take for granted at home. Traditional ‘campers’ may be looking for a more 'back to nature’ experience.

  • Cost to buy and set up cabins - Setting up cabins can be expensive. A single cabin can cost up to $10,000 dollars or more for higher-end cabins, depending on the materials used, size, etc. this price is inclusive of foundation, electricity, plumbing plus the cost of any furnishings.

And finally…

So there you have it! Everything you needed to know when considering adding cabins for your camping guests to stay in and more!

If you run a busy campground or even if you are just starting to get your campground project up and running, don’t forget to get in touch for more details of our PitchCamp Campground Management System

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