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Add-on Panel

From the add-on panel you can add edit or delete your add-on entries. Add-ons are used to charge for additional items and or services related to the reservation.

Add-ons can also be used to up-sell your clients on goods and services. Example: lets say that you have a golf cart rental service that you would like to offer to your clients when they book online. By enabling the Available Online option on the add-on item that service will be automatically made available to your clients when they go through the online booking funnel.

Adding Add-on

To add a new add-on item select New Add-on from the menu and enter the name of the addon-on item. Then select the pricing structure of the add-on and enter the price amount(s).

Add-on name

Add-on names are alpha numerical meaning you can include characters and numbers when creating your items.


Make your add-on name clear and focused on the goods or service of the add-on. The add-on name is also what your clients will see when presented with the addon/funnel online.

Example of a good add-on names

  • Golf Cart Rental

  • Wood Crate(s)

  • Grass Cut

Price Types

The price type controls the pricing structure used.

There are two types of pricing structures:

  • Fixed Pricing: creates an add-on with a fixed price amount. When using fixed pricing the add-on amount will only be charged once regardless the number of rental nights the reservation is for.

  • Tier Pricing: is used to create an add-on based on the following four tiers.

    • Nightly this is the price associated to a 1 night reservation.
    • Weekly rates are based on a 7 nights reservation.
    • Monthly rates are based on a 28 nights reservation.
    • Seasonal rates are used to calculate the camping rates for the entire seasonal period. The seasonal period of your campground are defined in the campground parameters

If a camping rate tier is left empty or zero then the camping rate tier for that entry will be skipped when performing the add-on calculating for that price tier.

Available Online

The available online options allows you to make the add-on item available to your online reservations. This can be seen as a way to up-selling your products and services to your online clients.

If the available online options is set to No then the add-on will only bee seen by your front office.

Addon-on State

Add-on states allows you to deactivate the add-on so it no longer appears in the list when creating a reservation. The add-on state is a way of hiding the item without deleting it.


When the add-on is active then you will be able to see it in the list when creating a reservation.

Not active

Inactive add-ons won't appear in the list when creating a reservation.

Add-on Description

The add-on description is only seen by your online clients. This is used to describe the product or service you are offering.

Add-on Images

The uploaded add-on images will be shown to your online client when presented with the option to select the add-ons.

Editing an Add-on item

To edit an item simply double click on it from the grid. Once the dialog box is opened you will be able to change the name and attributes of the add-on.


Add-on names can be edited and changes. However, the updated add-on name will also be reflected by existing reservations and financial reports. It is recommended to create new add-on instead of re-purposing existing ones.

Deleting an Add-on

To delete an add-on simply double click on the item from the grid and select the delete icon located in the bottom right of the dialog window.


If the add-on was previously assigned to a reservation then you won't be able to delete it. If the add-on is no longer needed then change it to Not Active.