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Migration notes are the changes and differences between the old windows base system and the new PitchCamp web base application. This section will also encapsulate any changes made to the stored data.

Gate Access Panel

The gate access panel is a new feature.

Reservation Add-ons

  • A new pricing structure was introduced in the add-ons called Fixed Price. Fixed prices allows campgrounds to charge a fixed price for their addons opposed to having to use base tier pricing done (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal)

Security Deposits

  • Security deposits have been merged in with the reservation add-ons.

Extra People

  • Can now chang the prices on extra children, adults and change the price to tiered or fixed prices.

Receipt Disclaimer

  • The disclaimer displayed on the receipt are now dynamic. Meaning that you can create new ones and assign it to any base price.
  • Disclaimers are also HTML base allowing you to enter formatting such as:
    • Text size
    • Text color
    • Add URL links (Any links online, could be a website or online document)
    • Note: Images are not allowed since this is only meant to be displayed on the user receipt.

Date Brownout

  • We now have an interface to manage the online date brownouts.